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A new, flavorful line of tomatoes by Take Root Organics™

High-quality organic Roma tomatoes rooted in generations of expertise and organic farming practices.

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When roots take hold in the right soil, what ends up on every plate is quality you can taste.

And that's what matters to us.

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Generations of Expertise.

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Our grower partners allow us to deliver flavorful produce through their farming knowledge, practices and focus on sustainability. As stewards of the land, our growers tend to every seed, plant, and field with care for food that not only tastes good, it makes you feel good. Today and for the future, they are driving towards better produce for our people and the planet.

Vine-ripened in California’s Central Valley

“We from Bakersfield are very proud of this area and what we do here and how flavorful the tomatoes are ... That’s why we say Bakersweet is California’s Sweet Spot.”

A Take Root Organics™ growing partner

Michael Valpredo

President | Valpredo Farms, Bakersfield, CA

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